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Gate Openers and Gate Operator

An electric gate opener is a mechanical devices used to open and shut a gate. This gate opener comes in three types.

Electric gate openers such as an automatic gate opener are now very common in households and businesses with long driveways. If you still do not have one, it might be a wise move to consider purchasing one not only for added security but also for an added touch of appeal to your home. Now you might ask which type you should buy. There are three types of electric gate opener.

The first type is the solar gate opener. This type of gate opener is a great alternative to one that is too far from the conventional power source. Different companies carry different access controls compatible for use with this type of gate opener. In many cases, you won't even find out that it is solar-powered. The secret here is in its effective deep cycled marine battery directly wired to panels facing the south where sunlight is . This type of gate opener has a simple system comprised of a gate operator, exit sensor, and radio controls that can open a gate about 10 to 15 times a day . To increase this cycle number a day, you need to add more modules.

The second type is the sliding gate opener which is commonly installed at the end of the gates in a closed position but can also be installed in an open position by the end of the gates. It attaches a chain across the gate close to the bottom. It passes through the gate operator where it is shuttled back and forth. At the end of the gate at an open position, the chain or any operating equipment is hidden.Automatic farm gate openers are similar to this type of gate opener.

The third type is the rolling gate opener. It is an ideal choice for applications where a swing gate is not possible. This is used with a type of gate that has a clear opening when the gate is opened completely. It is intended for manual operation. While many contractors attempt to automate this kind of gate, problems will soon arise because the automation of this type of gate is more inconvenient.

The three types of electric gate opener. In conclusion, if you are thinking of purchasing gate openers that are electrically operated, you first have to check the type of gate that you have. This way, you can never go wrong with the purchase and you will certainly see the worth of your investment in your gate opener.



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