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Commercial Sliding Gates

Do you know that this type of iron is very strong and resistant to almost all types of weather ? If you are using wood, you might afraid termites may attack it. However, if you use wrought iron, you will have no problem with termite.The term ‘`wrought iron’` is still used to describe steel railings or gates that have been ‘wrought’ or worked by hand. The majority of wrought iron products available today are made from mild steel and not iron as the name would suggest. This is because mild steel is a much better material.  It is stronger and easier to work with and is also easier to weld than iron.  It is also much more resistant to corrosion. All of the properties make mild steel the ideal material to use to make gates and railings along with a huge range of other products including things like nails, screws and pipe work.Wrought iron railings and gates could be found on almost every urban street and could also be found surrounding pretty much every public park and stately home.The wonderful thing about wrought iron is the amount of choice you have when it comes to decorative features. You can choose from design details such as arching, twisted pickets, swooping, decorative finials and knuckles and sweeping scroll work. All of these design features can easily be incorporated into any design. Wrought iron railings and gates can be manufactured to match any home from a large stately home to any commercial areas where security is a main priority.  Fence panels and gates can be made to any height or length and finals can top each picket acting as both an aesthetic as well as security feature. If you want the ultimate in defensive railings you can install heavy duty palisade fencing alongside electronically operated security gates.Considering that over four hundred years have passed since wrought iron was first used for wrought iron railings and gates the designs have hardly changed at all. Neither has the processes used in their manufacture. The only real difference is that wrought iron was replaced with steel in the late nineteenth century but this is really a minor detail. The basic design and purposes of wrought iron railings and gates is still the same as it was hundreds of years ago and most likely will do for years and years to come.Wrought iron gates can also be a decorative accessory that can improve the look of your home and separate your property from that of your neighbor. There are a number of companies available that will make gates to order in all different decorative designs. They don't have to be boring or plain. They can be as simple or as intricate as you like. These types of gates can really add a touch of style to your home and get it noticed in a good way. Just be sure to get a number of quotes for a gate of the design that you desire so that you can get the best possible price.What factors should you take into consideration when choosing wrought iron gates? These are not same as ordinary doors that you would find in the market. This is the closest that you would get to installing antique and majestic looking gates in your house.Since you are choosing iron for the house, you will have to consider its weight. The support structure i.e. the column on which it will be fitted and the hinges to which it will rotate on must be strong enough to support the gate all the time. These heavy objects will be a bit difficult to open because they are very heavy. Of course, you can go in for lightweight doors but this may detract from the appearance of the house. Nothing is as regal as a big and tall iron barrier fixed in front of the house.

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